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Free Resources You Should Know for Workers Comp (2024 Guide)

Find valuable tools and information to navigate claims and maximise your benefits effectively.

Written by: Stephen Zeng

Facing workplace injuries can feel daunting, especially if standard workers’ compensation doesn’t cover everything you need. Fortunately, there are additional places where you can seek support. Let’s explore some alternative resources that might be beneficial for you.

1. Reporting a WHS Incident

Safe Work Australia

Every state in Australia has its own safety regulations for workplaces. Safe Work Australia oversees these rules and provides information about who to contact if you need help understanding your rights at work.

Speak Up Save Lives App

This app lets you report safety concerns at work anonymously. You can download it from your app store or call for help.

2. Accessing Legal Aid and Support

If you need legal help but can’t afford it, there are organisations that offer free or low-cost assistance: 

Independent Review Office

In New South Wales, the Independent Review Office helps workers with their compensation claims. They listen to complaints, provide legal help, and make sure things are fair for everyone involved.

Community Legal Centres Australia

This national centre is committed to supporting community legal services. They offer free or low-cost legal help to individuals experiencing financial hardship, discrimination, or family violence. 

Legal Aid NSW

Based in New South Wales, Legal Aid NSW provides legal support for criminal cases, family matters like custody disputes, and civil issues such as housing or income support. Eligibility can be checked, and appointments scheduled through LawAccess NSW.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (ATSILS)

ATSILS is a community-based organisation dedicated to supporting the legal rights of Indigenous peoples. They provide legal aid services, including civil, family, and criminal law support.

Australian Pro Bono Centre

This national organisation promotes pro bono legal services and connects individuals with lawyers offering their services for free to those in need, depending on their location.

4. Financial and Benefits Guidance

If you have questions about payments and benefits related to workers’ compensation, there are places you can get help:


Centrelink offers financial support to diverse groups, including carers, families, indigenous Australians, job seekers, and people with disabilities, among others. Whether you’re seeking information about your entitlements or need assistance with your payments, Centrelink is there to help. 

Financial Rights Legal Centre

If you require advice and information on finance-related issues such as credit, banking, debt, or personal insurance, the Financial Rights Legal Centre is a valuable resource. They provide a range of services, including phone advice, face-to-face counseling, and legal representation, all free of charge. 

Housing Support

For those in need of housing assistance, Housing Pathways offers support with Aboriginal, community, and social housing, as well as assistance with private rental arrangements. Whether you’re facing challenges related to housing affordability or need help navigating the rental market, Housing Pathways can provide guidance and support. 

Fair Work Ombudsman

If you require assistance with understanding your leave entitlements and wage rates, Fair Work Ombudsman is available to help. Reach out to them to get the support you need to navigate these aspects of workers’ compensation.

Fair Work Commission

Dealing with workplace bullying concerns can be challenging, but you don’t have to face it alone. The Fair Work Commission offers assistance in addressing workplace bullying issues. Seek help and guidance from their team of experts.

💡 Note: Remember, seeking help is a positive step towards overcoming challenges. Don’t hesitate to reach out and explore these resources for support and assistance. If you need help if workplace injury recovery and work injury prevention, our consultants are always available for a chat. 

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*The details in this article were correct and current when it was written. However, changes in business practices, policies, and other pertinent areas may have occurred since then. Readers should confirm the current validity of the content on their own.

Stephen Zeng
Stephen is the director and the principal writer at AusRehab, leading workplace rehabilitation provider, with a focus on addressing and resolving workplace injuries.

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