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Get back to work without the worry with AusRehab. We make navigating workers compensation, CTP case management, and workplace rehabilitation straightforward and stress-free. Trust our team to guide you through recovery with personal, practical support that help you get your life back on track.

Doctor & GPs WorkCover

Get a referral to a Workers Compensation doctor today within 24-48 hours.

Workplace Rehabilitation

We help workers return to duties safely and promptly after an injury.

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Pre-employment Screening

Assess candidates’ health status and physical capabilities for a job role.

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Ergonomic Assessment

Identify and address risk factors that contribute to work-related injuries.

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CTP Case Management

Manage car accident injury recoveries for a safe transition back to work.

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Workplace Hearing Tests

We offer bulk audiometry testing across multiple locations and on-site.

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Feature spotlight: FREE workplace rehabilitation consultation

Manage your workplace injuries with reliable experts in workplace injury recovery and prevention at AusRehab.

Australia’s trusted rehab provider. Loved by customers.

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Ivy Chen
Ivy Chen
Anna was very helpful!! Good service
Wayne Norrish
Wayne Norrish
Aus Rehab were fantastic to deal. Thank you team!!!
Sophie Meyer
Sophie Meyer
I have been extremely impressed with the AusRehab team. They have great systems and processes in place to ensure their customers are well cared for.
Rebekah Bennett
Rebekah Bennett
I submitted an online enquiry then received a phone call not even 2 minutes later. They put me on hold for a short time after discussing my issue, next minute I was speaking with the Receptionist of my new Workcover Dr, booking an appointment! I was so impressed by the efficiency and professionalism, thank you so much!!
Myo Thway96
Myo Thway96
Very helpful and great service Thank you very much
Milly Killy
Milly Killy
Always responds kindly and helps in many ways. thank you for your help I feel like I'm being cared about I appreciate your willingness to help.
Hyejung Yun
Hyejung Yun
Nikita is so kind and helpful. Thanks
Kylie Moore
Kylie Moore
Excellent rehab provider highly recommended great to deal with and they give a damn about the patient Nikita is my sons consultant and is amazing and very professional
Blake Mrvica
Blake Mrvica
Amazing staff

Our recovered injured workers can vouch for the exceptional care at AusRehab

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Mark’s story

“AusRehab has been really good. We’ve been talking quite often. He [AusRehab’s consultant] has even been with me to the doctor.”
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John’s story

“One a scale of 1 to 10, how good is our consultant? He’s off the richter. Zero means no issue. No issues, no problem mate.”
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Edward’s story

“They’re speaking to me within an hour to get the approvals and everything straight away before I left the car park.”

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Chat right now

Click on “Live chat” on the bottom right of the website, which will open up the chat.

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Complete a Workers Comp claim form online
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Get back to work safely from a workplace injury

Helpful FAQs

In the event of an injury at work, Australian workplaces must follow these procedures:

  • Record the Incident: It’s mandatory to report the incident in the workplace’s ‘Register of Injuries’ which should document all workplace injuries or illnesses​​.
  • Notify the Insurer: Employers are required to notify their workers’ compensation insurer about the incident. In some regions, such as New South Wales, you must do this within 48 hours​​.
  • Inform WHS Coordinator: Report the incident to the workplace’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) coordinator as soon as possible. The details can help address any safety concerns to prevent future incidents.
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim: The injured worker may be entitled to workers’ compensation. In Australia, a claim for workers’ compensation must generally be made within six months from the date of the injury​​.
  • Rehabilitation Provider: The employer should contact the workplace rehabilitation provider to assist with the worker’s return to work and ensure the best outcome for the worker’s recovery​​.

The role of workplace rehabilitation providers is to support the recovery and return to work of employees who have suffered a work-related injury or illness.

They are integral in identifying and addressing any risk factors that might hinder a successful return to work.

The Workplace Rehab Provider, such as AusRehab, provide expert services such as:

  • Initial workplace rehabilitation assessments
  • Assessments of the functional capacity of an employee
  • Workplace assessment
  • Creating and monitoring rehabilitation or return to work plans
  • Suitable duties plans, job analysis, advice about job modification
  • Vocational assessment
  • Assistance in job seeking

They can deliver services by being engaged directly by the employer, injured worker, WorkCover doctor, insurer, or WHS coordinators.

The Workplace Rehab Provider typically consist of trained consultants with qualifications in fields such as rehabilitation counselling, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, psychology, and social work.

A referral to a workplace rehabilitation provider can be made when an injured worker is facing difficulties returning to their pre-injury duties and might benefit from additional support to re-engage with the workplace.

Here are scenarios when such a referral is typically considered appropriate:

  • The injured worker is unable to perform their pre-injury duties and requires assistance to identify alternative or modified duties, either with their current employer or a new one.
  • There is a need to conduct a practical assessment of the injured worker’s capacity to return to work.
  • The injured worker has issues associated with returning to work, such as anxiety about returning to a particular job or work area.
  • Workplace modifications or special equipment are necessary to facilitate the worker’s return.
  • The suitability of a Return to Work Program with a new employer needs to be assessed.
  • There is a possibility that the worker might require retraining for different work.

When a referral is made, the workplace rehab provider conducts an assessment to determine if further rehabilitation services would be beneficial.

If so, they collaborate with the injured worker, the employer, and the medical practitioner to develop a service delivery plan, which outlines the recommended services and requires agreement from all involved before proceeding.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Workers’ compensation is accessible for various employment types, including full-time, part-time, and casual workers.
  • Who Can Claim: Anyone legally recognised as a ‘worker’ who suffers an employment-related injury or illness can claim.
  • What’s Covered? Workers Comp covers a range of conditions, from physical injuries incurred on the job to psychological conditions stemming from work-related stress or trauma.
  • Employment Connection Requirement: For a claim to be valid, there must be a direct link between the injury or illness and the claimant’s job duties or workplace environment.